Short Note On Endangered Species

Short Note On Endangered Species As we all know, because of deforestation, overhunting, pollution and other human activities more and more species are becoming endangered. Now what are endangered species ? Endangered species are those species that are danger of extinction and are very rarely present. For example, dinosaurs are extinct species and Tigers are […]

What is collagen?

The four major macromolecules are proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids. Collagen belongs to the Proteins. Thus, collagen is also called as macromolecule as it is made of amino acid polymer. It is found in connective tissues and provides strength and protection to body structures and thus holds the body together. Collagen is present in […]

Resolve Your Queries Online from a Reliable Source about Genes Expression Process.

Resolve Your Queries Online from a Reliable Source about Genes Expression Process. Where are genes located, gene expression process With the rapid advancements in technology providing many digital platforms for learning, the way of teaching or imparting knowledge to the modern day students has witnessed a radical transformation. Students can now use various software, digital […]

What are vaccines?

WHAT ARE VACCINES ? Vaccines are biologically prepared products that protects people from particular disease. Thay are made from weakened or killed microorganisms, its toxins, surface proteins or any other microbe products. When vaccines are injected into a body, then body recognises it as foreign particle and develop antibodies against that particular microbe as vaccines […]

Exon definition biology

Exons in simple words are called as coding sequence. DNA has a particular sequence which codes for particular protein. Introns are called as non coding sequences. Exons are interrupted by introns. Thus, exons are defined as segment of a DNA or RNA that contains coding information for a protein. For example, if there is deletion […]

What is protein

Protein is a macronutrient which is essential for proper functioning and growth of body. They are made of sequence of amino acids that gives specific shape to protein. Some proteins are made of few amino acids and others made of thousands of amino acids. Thus, each and every protein is determined by the amino acid […]