WHAT ARE ACTIVATORS IN TRANSCRIPTION  Transcriptional activators are proteins that stimulate transcription of nearby genes by binding to DNA. They turn on the gene expression in eukaryotic cell. Activators such as DNA-binding proteins bind to enhancers that stimulates transcription at promoter region. Activators increases RNA polymerase binding to the open complex that is needed for […]

Blue babies

Some babies, called “blue babies”, are born with a small hole in the wall between their heart’s left and right ventricles. Why do you suppose they are called “blue”? The right and left atria of heart are separated by a structure called as septum. Generally, if we say “hole in the heart”, it means holes […]


WHAT ARE REPRESSORS IN TRANSCRIPTION  Transcriptional repressors are defined as proteins that represses or decreases the rate of transcription by binding to specific sites on DNA. Most repressors inhibit transcription initiation. How do repressors work Transcriptional repressors binds to the promoter or enhancer regions and thus block transcription. A corepressor cannot bind to DNA itself. […]

Why electrophoresis requires serum sample?

Why electrophoresis requires serum sample? Electrophoresis requires serum sample for protein electrophoresis and for biochemical studies in blood. Serum does not contain coagulant factor. Therefore, to measure factors other than coagulants serum is used. Serum is a pure sample and thus gives more accurate results. It also lacks some proteins and anti-coagulate in the plasma […]

Children inherit their intelligence from their mother

Children inherit their intelligence from their mother Children inherit their intelligence from their mother not father… Genetics of mother determine how intelligent her children are !!! Women have two X-chromosomes and men have one X-chromosome. Genes for intelligence are carried on X-chromosome and women have two X-chromosome. Intelligence genes are among the conditioned genes that […]