Virus Reproduction

Virus is non living outside the body. They contain genome DNA or RNA but cannot grow independently. Instead, they must need a host organism for its survival as they use genetic instructions of host organism. Therefore, they can only reproduce in host cells. When virus enters the body, it must be in active or in […]

At what times in your life do you think your Endocrine System is most active?

Answer: During puberty stage, endocrine System is most active. Explanation: The endocrine system is defined as glands that secretes hormones. Hormones regulate growth and development, metabolism, reproduction, sexual function and many other functions. Therefore, endocrine glands get their job done through production of hormones. Growth hormone (GH) regulates the growth of body and is most […]

Preservation Of Food

To preserve food means is to slow down the activity of enzymes and microbes that spoil the food. They cannot survive in acidic conditions, in high temperature or in high salt or sugar concentrations. Different techniques are used in different food items. To preserve tomatoes, first make puree of tomatoes and put it in freezer. […]