Why Warming Up and Cooling Down Is Important Before Exercise?

Introduction: Muscles ache after exercise because of the production of lactic acid. When you exercise, the muscles contract and produces lactic acid. Muscles usually produce energy by using oxygen which means aerobically. When you exercise body need more oxygen but sufficient oxygen is not available and thus muscles produce energy anaerobically. Lactic acid is the […]

Endosymbiont theory

Endosymbiont theory: The endosymbiont hypothesis states the origin of eukaryotic cells mainly evolution of mitochondria and chloroplasts. It supports evidence from mitochondria and chloroplasts and states that eukaryotic cells evolved from symbiotic relationships between prokaryotic cells that have different metabolic activities. Both mitochondria and chloroplasts organelles have 70Sribosomes as in prokaryotic cells, they multiply and […]