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What Are The Benefits Of Biodiversity

What Are The Benefits Of Biodiversity

Have you ever wondered What Are The Benefits Of Biodiversity. Have you ever wondered if there is a point of diversity for plants? The answer to the latter question is a big yes. Studies have shown that when there is a balance of various types of species in the same ecosystem, the ecosystem is said to be healthy. This can be a reference to say that if there is enough species, there is a lesser chance for extinction or for the ecosystem to be harmed by any kind of disaster.

Many people believe that there is nothing that can bring about a good ecosystem unless and until some kind of catastrophe happens. Although it is true that natural causes contribute largely towards the creation of a healthy environment, it must also be considered that there are a number of natural causes that have the potential power to wipe out a large number of species. The two most prominent examples of these include extinction and translocation. If we look into the causes of these two calamities, we will soon realize that the Advantages of biodiversity should be looked into as well.

Biodiversity Definition

What Are The Benefits Of Biodiversity and what is biodiversity? In conservation, it must be understood that biodiversity is not only about plants and animals but also involves the human beings that exist in the ecosystem. Biodiversity refers to the differences between the populations of the species that inhabit an ecosystem. For instance, we can say that humans are the dominant species in the ecosystem. The other species are either dependent on humans or exist at a very low level.

Diversity in biology is defined as the number of species or organisms in an environment.

what are the benefits of biodiversity

Benefis of biodiversity

Now lets discuss our question in points- What Are The Benefits Of Biodiversity


More biological diversity means more niches and roles are played by each organisms that helps to balance the ecosystem. For example: more species diversity results in healthy ecosystems as it can recover from various disasters.


Biodiversity increases productivity in an ecosystem as each species has a role to play. For example: More number of plant indicates more variety of crops.

Evolution of ecosystem

Existence of biodiversity has many benefits. Firstly, it has helped in the evolution of a variety of ecosystem as there are large number of species that have been derived from a single population. This means that the extinction of one species could lead to the death of several others which will help in the evolution of a new form of ecosystem.

Protection of species

Thus, biodiversity has great benefits but there are also many drawbacks that are connected to it. One such downside is that extinction of species occurs naturally very often and this is something that we cannot control. Moreover, if we protect certain species and leave others unprotected, we will end up destroying some of the characteristics that make an ecosystem unique. Thus, in many developing countries where tourism is the main source of income, the government must focus on providing protection to different types of natural environments because these will help in preserving the biodiversity.

Prevention of global warming

On the other hand, we can also benefit from maintaining the biodiversity by preventing global warming. Biodiversity in the tropical rain forest is very high because there are many species that exist in such a small space. It is the high levels of diversity that help to maintain the stability of the ecosystem and prevent climate change. If we maintain the high levels of biodiversity, we will be able to save the ecosystems from any disaster.

Use of land for Agriculture

Another advantage is the use of land for agriculture. In some places, agricultural crops provide the food source for many members of the human population. Without this crucial aspect of an ecosystem, the number of people who would be hungry could rise rapidly. This leads to a rise in the pressure to find crops that are easier to grow and produce genetically specific to a given area. The increase in agricultural activity, in turn, can lead to the expansion of the organic agricultural sector.


It was a famous case when a study revealed that sea anemones can help to keep the ocean’s pH balance stable which is essential for marine species to live. Similarly, in the tropical rain forest, various species of birds are able to reproduce due to the absence of predators and the absence of a habitat that provides adequate shelter for them. Such examples can be used to explain how maintaining biodiversity can have several advantages for the well being of the ecosystem as a whole. A few examples of such benefits include better crop yields, invigorating fish productivity and helping to conserve energy.

Food Chain

Another example is the food chain. With the existence of biodiversity, crops are able to spread without much difficulty due to the presence of a large number of species that are able to survive in the same ecosystem. In other words, if we take the issue of food security seriously, we cannot ignore the benefits of biodiversity because if there is no diversity in crops then there would be a drastic fall in the consumption of edible products around the world.

Study of Biodiversity – paleontology

The study of biodiversity has given rise to the field of paleontology. Paleontologists study ancient rocks to determine the composition of ancient ecosystems, to establish the ratio of different species, and to establish whether or not a given ecosystem was common or isolated. They determine whether or not the given species adapted to its particular environment and how it died out. They determine which animals were important for a given ecosystem’s life cycle and how they survived and reproduced. By studying these animals, scientists have been able to piece together a history of the ecosystems they lived in and discover how they died out.


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