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Antibiotic resistance gene meaning

Antibiotic resistance gene meaning

Antibiotics are the medications that kill bacteria. Anti means ‘against’ and biotic means ‘life’. Antibiotic resistance gene meaning: It has the ability to resist the effects of antibiotics. This gene is present in plasmid of bacteria.

R plasmid are bacterial resistant plasmid that carry genes to provide resistance against the antibiotic.

Antibiotics select for resistant Mutant and bacteria possessing R-Plasmids, increasing their frequency in the population

Antibiotic sensitive means sensitive bacteria that are killed by antibiotic as it do not antibiotic resistance gene. Resistant bacteria grow and multiply and increase their frequency in the population as they are resistant to antibiotic.

If 4 bacteria out of 50 are not killed. It means these bacteria are resistant to antibiotic. It produces population of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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