Apple Maggot Flies (Rhagoletis) Have Recently Evolved an “Apple Race” that has Distinctive

Apple maggot flies (Rhagoletis) have recently evolved an “apple race” that has distinctive alleles related to the timing of apple fruiting. These new alleles have changed the breeding time in the apple race, such that it no longer occurs during the same months of the year as the breeding season of hawthorne maggot flies. These two host races have evolved which type of reproductive isolating mechanism and are likely speciating by which process of speciation?

(A)   Temporal isolation … Sympatric speciation

(B)   Spatial isolation … Sympatric speciation

(C)   Behavioral isolation … Allopatric speciation

(D)   Behavioral isolation … Sympatric speciation

1. Answer is A

Temporal isolation … Sympatric speciation


-Temporal isolation means isolated in time

-Prevents species from mating because they breed at different times.

– In this example Apple maggot flies are isolated from hawthorne maggot flies by breeding time

Sympatric speciation:

– New species evolve from a single ancestral.

-Species while inhabiting the same geographic region.

-Reproductive isolation occurs without geographical isolation.

-Barrier is usually genetic.

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