Are gene expression and protein synthesis are the same thing?

YES!!! gene expression and protein synthesis are the same thing

Protein synthesis can be the type of gene expression that code for protein segments.DNA codes for RNA ( transcription) then RNA makes proteins (translation) which means DNA is not directly involved in protein synthesis directly. The synthesized RNA regulates the gene expression.

There are about 22,000 genes in every human cell. Does every human cell have the same genes?

Answer to this is Yes.

Then, does every human cell make the same proteins?

Answer to this is No.

In a multicellular organisms, such as humans. Cells have specific functions and according to their function they synthesize different proteins. They have different proteins as different genes are expressed in different cell types (which is called as gene expression).

So if you imagine that all of your genes are “turned off.” Each cell type only “turns on” (or expresses) the genes that have the code for the proteins it needs to use. So different cell types “turn on” different genes, allowing different proteins to be made. This gives different cell types different functions.

Once a gene is expressed, the protein product of that gene is usually made.

Therefore, we can say gene expression and protein synthesis are the same process…

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