What Is Biotechnology definition

Biotechnology definition

Biotechnology is divided into two words- biology and technology which means we use different techniques that involves the use of living organisms or biological processes to improve our health and environment. Now, lets come to more Biotechnology definition.

Biotechnology definition Hindi

जैव प्रौद्योगिकी को दो शब्दों में विभाजित किया गया है- जीव विज्ञान और प्रौद्योगिकी जिसका अर्थ है कि हम विभिन्न तकनीकों का उपयोग करते हैं जिसमें हमारे स्वास्थ्य और पर्यावरण को बेहतर बनाने के लिए जीवित जीवों या जैविक प्रक्रियाओं का उपयोग शामिल है

Biotechnology Definition simple

The biotechnology definition is used to refer the methodology of using living organisms in order to provide benefits to humans and society. Biotechnology is an important field of biology, involving use of organisms to improve or make new products.

biotechnology definition

Tools used in biotechnology

Various tools used in Biotechnology are- restriction enzymes, vectors etc. Vector in biotechnology is artificially manipulated vehicle that carries foreign DNA fragment. It can be plasmid, virus etc. Plasmids are naturally occurs in bacterial cells that are manipulated to be used in recombinant DNA technology.

Plasmid can be a cloning vector into which a foreign DNA fragment is inserted for cloning purposes. It should be stably maintained in an organism, if used as cloning vector. Plasmid can be expression vector, if it is designed for gene expression in cells.

Genetic Engineering (Recombinant DNA technology)

Genetic engineering is the modifying of an organism’s germ line with genetic engineering techniques to create a desired trait in the germline. The germline is the primary unit of life, composed of the hereditary material (genes) from one or more parents. The organism which gets the genetic altered DNA from one or more parents is known as a genetically modified organism (GMOs). The modified organisms are then used to develop diverse living organisms.

Recombinant DNA technology means joining of DNA molecules of different species and then inserted into host organism. It produces new genetic combinations which are of great importance. Recombinant DNA technology and their applications in the field of agriculture, medicine, industry and so on. Read about- Genetic Engineering

Recombinant DNA technology helps to transfer genes between two different species that are distantly related species. This is called as Distant Hybridization. Transgenic plants are produced by Recombinant DNA technology. Transgenic plants contain foreign genes. It provides resistance to many diseases, pests etc. It also helps in improvement of quality such as in BT-cotton. Read about-APPLICATIONS OF RECOMBINANT DNA TECHNOLOGY

Biotechnology Definition explained

The biotechnology definition that we have been exploring may appear relatively broad. However, this is a major key to understanding the field. The fact that this field is so large and deeply involved only makes it easier for us to talk about all the various pieces of the puzzle that make it work. Unfortunately, this does require a certain level of specialization, especially when discussing some of the more complicated ideas. As such, we suggest that you spend some time studying biotechnology as a whole before delving into the more detailed discussion that is relevant to your specific career goals.

Hope you like the article Biotechnology definition. Now, comment in comment box What are the uses of biotechnology?

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