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monosaccharides and amino acids combine to form

Monosaccharides and amino acids combine to form

Carbohydrates and proteins are linear polymers. What types of molecules combine to form these polymers?


Monosaccharides or sugars combine to form carbohydrates. Amino acids combine to form proteins.


Carbohydrates, proteins, proteins and nucleic acids are four main macromolecules of life.

Carbohydrates are a polymers that are made up of monomers which is called as monosaccharides. Monosaccharide are simple sugars that are combined together to make a disaccharide or polysaccharide.

Building blocks of proteins are the amino acids. Formation of proteins depends on the instructions in the gene. It gives information to the body that in which order amino acids are placed. It is called as amino acid sequence.

Transcription means formation of mRNA from DNA and mRNA carries the information which is required for protein synthesis. Translation is the process of synthesis of protein from mRNA.

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