4 Benefits of Asking Questions Online

Top 4 Benefits of Asking Questions Online from Experts   Understanding biological concepts or processes like gene transfer, DNA replication and transcription process or others at times may be quite confusing. As they require a strong command of basic concepts or clarity of fundamentals, many students find themselves looking for online resource material to get […]

Why Transcription and Translation are Coupled in Prokaryotes

Coupling of transcription and translation means that ribosomes bind to the mRNA and protein synthesis (translation) begins while the mRNA is still being synthesized ( transcription ) Transcription and translation are coupled in prokaryotes because there is no nucleus to separate the processes of transcription and translation, when bacterial genes are transcribed, their transcripts can […]

How Bacteria can be Genetically Engineered to Produce a Human Protein?

HOW BACTERIA CAN BE GENETICALLY ENGINEERED TO PRODUCE A HUMAN PROTEIN: OVERVIEW: Bacteria is genetically modified to produce useful human proteins such as human growth hormone and human insulin. Genetic engineering can be used to create organisms that produce large amounts of useful substances – for example, bacteria can be engineered to produce human insulin […]