What is gene ? The term ‘gene’ comes from the greek word ‘gonos’ which means offspring. A gene is a tiny section of a long DNA molecule, which are coded with instructions that allow a cell to produce a specific product, usually a protein. The DNA molecule contains thousands of genes that are located inside […]

Importance Of Meiosis

Importance Of Meiosis Meiosis is cellular division where diploid cells results into haploid cells. This is crucial for sexual reproduction and it generates cells with half the number of chromosomes as the parent cell. The main role of meiosis is the formation of gametes for sexual reproduction. Haploid daughter cells, called as gametes. This process […]

Importance Of Mitosis

Importance Of Mitosis Mitosis is single nuclear division that forms in two nuclei. Two new daughter cells with same number of chromosomes are formed as that of parent cell. The main role of mitosis is cell regeneration, growth and asexual reproduction. Cell development and growth. After meiosis process, haploid gametes are formed and gametes are […]