DIABETES CAUSES DRY SKIN Diabetes causes dry skin. This means diabetic person can injured easily and likely to get an infection and takes time to heal. This is because as high blood glucose levels increases urination and body loses fluids that causes skin dryness. When there is excess blood sugar, the rate of urination increases, […]


Common characteristics of life: 1. Living things are composed of cells. As cells are the basic structural and functional unit of life. All the functions we perform are basically performed by cells as cells make required proteins or necessary elements for the function. Living things are organised at different levels of organisation. Thus, cells are […]


Cancer is defined as disease that describes uncontrolled cell growth which means these cells are characterised by unregulated division. Thus, it forms group of cells which is called as tumor. There are two different types of tumors which are benign tumors and malignant tumors. Benign tumor is surrounded by a fibrous capsule which is made […]

Chlorine is a deadly gas and sodium is a semi explosive metal even then we put them together as sodium chloride which is table salt.

Everyday people are using products that are made from minerals such as sodium chloride. Chlorine is a deadly gas and sodium is a semi explosive metal even then we put them together because when we put them together it becomes sodium chloride and not remain as sodium metal and chlorine gas that has sodium and […]

Heredity Definition Biology

All you Need to Know about Heredity in Biology Heredity is the reason why children get passed on certain physical traits from their parents, and why the constancy of a species from one generation to another is assured. Much has been discovered about heredity since its earliest studies, and heredity’s definition in biology has undergone […]