Cell quiz questions

Today’s Quiz#

1. Give examples of nonliving objects that are made up of cells?

Ans: Wood contains dead plant cells, house dust contains dead cells.


2. Choose correct option

The size of a cell is usually determined by its

a) length
b) diameter

Ans: b) diameter


3. True or false

Cells are self-sustaining and capable of replicating on their own by cell division process.

Ans: True


4. True or False

Humans when take birth start off as a single cell.True

Ans: True


5. Name the organelles that have

– two- membranes around them
– single membrane
– without membrane (naked) organelles

Ans: The organelles that have

– two-membranes around them are: mitochondria, chloroplast, plastids and nucleus.

– single membrane: golgi, endoplasmic reticulum, vacuoles and lysosomes.

– without membrane (naked) organelles: ribosomes, nucleolus and centriole


6. Name the largest cellular organelle in animals and plants

Ans: Animals: mitochondria;  Plants: plastid



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