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Class 6 History Chapter 8 question answer

Class 6 History Chapter 8 question answer

Today, I am sharing class 6 History Chapter 8 question answer. Life in towns and villages. Hope it helps!

Give short answers for the following questions.

1. How did iron tools help increase production of food?

ANSWER: (a) Development of iron tools such as ploughshare, axe increases the agricultural production.

(b) Land was cleared for cultivation with the help of axe.

(c) To turn over the hard soil ploughshare is used.

2. What were the three different kinds of people called in the Tamil region?

ANSWER: Three kinds of people in the Tamil region are:

(a) Vellalar- Land owner.

(b) Uzhavar- Ordinary people.

(c) Adimai- Landless labourers.

3. What are ring wells?

ANSWER: Ceramic rings arranged on one top of the other. They are used as toilets, drains and pits to dump garbage.

4. What are punch-marked coins?

ANSWER: Punch marked coins are made of copper or silver. They are used to replace the Barter system.

5. What were the imports and exports from the port town of Bharuch?

ANSWER: Imports: gold, silver coins, copper, tin, lead, wine etc.

Exports: cotton, silk, ivory, perfumes etc.

6. Give any two important functions performed by the Gramabhojaka.

ANSWER: The two functions performed by gramabhojaka are:

(a) Policeman

(b) Judge


Answer the following questions.

1. Discuss the contribution of the sherins in the economic growth of people.

ANSWER: (a) Sherins got raw material from the adjoining areas and distributed the finished products.

(b) They are used as banks where rich invested their money.

2. Explain how Mathura became an important town.

ANSWER: (a) Mathura served as both trade and travel from north to south and from north-west to east.

(b) It has beautiful stone sculptures dating back to the period of Kushanas.

(c) Buddhist monastries, Jain shrines and Krishna temples are found here.

3. Write a brief note on Arikamedu town in Puducherrry.

ANSWER: Arikamedu was a port city that was developed to increase art and commerce. A brickhouse has been found here that may be warehouse or granary.

4. Describe the different types of pottery found in Arikamedu.

ANSWER: Different types of pottery are: amphorae, tall double-handled jars to keep liquuids. Red glazed pottery made by wet clayknown as arretine ware also found here.


Who am I?

1. I am a trade guild. I am called 

ANSWER: Sherins

2. I am the port city of Bharuch. The Greeks called me

ANSWER: Barygaza

3. I am the headman of a village and I am called

ANSWER: Gramabhojaka


Class 6 History Chapter 8 question answer




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