Common characteristics of life:

1. Living things are composed of cells. As cells are the basic structural and functional unit of life. All the functions we perform are basically performed by cells as cells make required proteins or necessary elements for the function. Living things are organised at different levels of organisation. Thus, cells are structural unit of life also.

2. Living things have heredity. Heredity is passing of traits from parents to offspring. Traits are passed when they reproduce and reproduction is the characteristic of living things. DNA is the unit of heredity

3. Living things have metabolism which means they take in energy for making food and growth as they perform chemical reactions of life.

4. Living things have homeostasis such as we shiver to keep our body warm. Thus, it is the process by which an organism maintain stability for its survival.

5. Growth is main characteristic of living things. Can table grow in size? Plants, humans etc. can grow to a certain size and then divide.

6. Living things can reproduce which is necessary for survival of species. Living things can reproduce by asexual repoduction or sexual reproduction.

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