Conditions Essential For Seed Germination

The process in which seed changes into seedling is called as germination of seed.

Conditions essential for seed germination are:

1. Air
2. Warmth
3. Water or moisture
4. Space

If seeds are immersed in water and get sunlight also but do not get air then there will be no growth.

If seeds are placed on moist cotton, it means they receive moisture. If these seeds placed in fridge, it means they do not receive sunlight which means no warmth then also there will be no growth.

If seeds are placed on dry cotton with air and sunlight. It means no moisture as cotton is dry. Then also there will be no growth.

Farmers leave some space between the seeds while sowing them so that plants will not be overcrowded. They must get enough space to get air, water and sunlight for their growth.

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