Discuss the Economics of Climate Change in the US

Discuss the Economics of Climate Change in the US

Storms, flooding, and heat waves damages the economics of US. These are result of climate change. U.S. faces tremendous economic risks from climate change. Anthropogenic (human-induced) climate change results in rising sea, damage from storm surge, extreme heat by greenhouse gases. These all have huge impacts on Us ongoing economics.

Damage to coastal property and infrastructure results from rising sea levels and rising level storm surge, climate changes in agricultural production and energy demand, and the cause of higher temperatures on labor productivity and health.

Coastal property and infrastructure. In coming years, higher sea levels with storm surge will result in increase in average annual losses.

Agriculture. Agriculture in the U.S. has ability to adapt. But the adaptation results in specific counties in the Midwest and South. As if there is no adaptation then these counties will have decline in yields of more than 10% in coming years.

Energy. Changes due to greenhouse gas results in temperature changes.


The American economy faces multiple and enormous risks from weather change. Climate situations range dramatically throughout the U.S. economics. Each region of the country has a different risk and a different ability to manage that risk.

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