Feeling of Pregnancy

Feeling of Pregnancy

I have two babies, and found being pregnant to be amazing experience and want to tell you that being pregnant is a miracle, etc etc…After all, you are making another human. That is an amazing feat of strength on your body part.

I love my babies more than everything , I can fight with whole world to protect them. So i can say most of the women found being pregnant to be a very strange and unique experience.

When I found I was pregnant then I had felt light headed all day. After I got over my shock, I proceeded to shock my husband. As every husband after hearing this news make him very happy. You know pregnancy makes very strong relation with our husband…

I was bloated right away. I hated that I felt so fat and but a cute little pregnancy belly makes me happy and I forget all my weight gain…

I wore a lot of large shirts, trying to hide my gut away from any suspecting eyes as I do not like having a lot of attention directed at myself.

Feeling of pregnancy

Feeling of pregnancy in first 3 months

For the first 3 months I was tired, so incredibly tired by my all day work schedule I would then proceed to cry (literally) because I was so hungry. I hated feeling that useless and pathetic, it just made it worse. I’m a very independent, self-reliant person, so being that immobilized was awful. I was nauseous constantly.

My husband tried very hard to find my demanding food because I want something different as it was not available at that season.

Feeling of pregnancy in 2nd trimester

Once I reached the 2nd trimester, my energy returned to normal and I felt so much better. My stomach was now start growing and also itched soo badly throughout the entire pregnancy.

I started buying maternity clothes, and wow were they comfortable! I kicked myself for not buying them earlier.

I was incredibly affected by odours. Strong perfumes, food, public bathrooms, everything was so annoyingly odorous.

I didn’t feel any movement till my 2nd trimester. One day I felt little air bubbles popping against the inside of my tummy that feeling overwhelmed with the sweetness and delicateness of that feeling…

My emotions were crazy. I missed being able to sleep on my stomach .

Feeling of pregnancy in 3rd trimester

The 3rd trimester was tough.

My stomach was huge now. I I was only 8 months along, which people loved to tell me, which pregnant women really like to hear .

I slept with very difficulty, I had to go to the bathroom constantly. I asked my husband if I could just wear Depends to bed so I could keep sleeping. He didn’t find it too funny. I could never get comfortable, even with a little wedge pillow between my legs. At that time i thought that I just want a break, just 5 minutes where I could just take my big tummy off for a bit and get some relief.

My ankles, feet and hands got very swollen in the last month. I felt so puffy and weird. I gained a healthy amount of weight…

As for i found pregnancy to be a different experience. But for all of its joyfulness, pregnancy is also difficult and complex. Some women find pregnancy to be very hard and loving…

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