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Why can’t genetic code taken directly from DNA

What is genetic code

The genetic code is coding system through which information encoded in DNA or RNA sequences are translated into proteins.

The DNA or RNA sequence will determine which protein are to made and this specific protein made will determine specific activity. This how nucleus is define as the control center of the cell as genetic material DNA resides in the nucleus that control protein synthesis.

The genetic code cannot be taken directly from the DNA. As through central dogma of molecular biology information from genes flows into proteins: DNARNAprotein where RNA acts messenger that transfers DNA code.

DNA has very big and complicated structure that cannot leave the nucleus. Thus, mRNA acts as an intermediate between DNA and proteins. mRNA is like an informational molecule and tRNA acts as structure.

tRNA is required as DNA or RNA, cannot interact with amino acids directly.

If genetic code taken directly from the DNA

If genetic code taken directly from the DNA then such a big sequence from DNA has to be cut and moved to the cytoplasm for protein translation and after that reattached the sequence in the same place in the DNA to code another protein which is not possible. Whole sequence of DNA is not used for protein synthesis thus, it is logical to convert only specific coding region of DNA into mRNA.

Genetic code

Why can’t genetic code taken directly from DNA

Why, because if geneticists could take the genetic code right from DNA and then use it to create life forms they might be able to do something with it before nature ran its course. Consider if you will the space shuttles. If you could take human DNA and rocket it into space then it would still have all of its informational instructions for building a human being in it. But that is not possible.

Where the line is drawn is where we disagree. The DNA that is taken directly from DNA will only have information for building a human being or for building cells. It will have nothing to do with the other things it was designed for. It’s like taking the written word and using it to write the definition of a nonexistent thing.

And we know there are millions of genes in our body. If someone took the genetic code from DNA and then spliced it back together to make a new human being, what kind of person would they create? It’s very difficult to imagine. If someone took the genetic code from DNA and spliced it back together to make a new bacterial virus, what kind of virus would it be able to produce? It’s even harder to imagine.

So, if geneticists cannot take the genetic code directly from DNA and put it together piece by piece, then what do you think it would be used for? Well, it would most likely be used to study the human genome in its entirety. That would be to find out the entire genetic code so that it can be studied theoretically in the future to find out exactly how it works. This is one reason why the genetic code is kept secret.

Genetic engineering

Okay, so lets go back to the idea of genetic engineering. In this process, DNA is taken directly from DNA and changed within the cell. This changes the genetic code without any interference. This means that each and every change to the genetic code is completely set in motion. This is how genetic engineering works. For details Read: genetic engineering techniques


Still, it remains to be seen if geneticists can take a group of cells, manipulate their DNA, and then insert these into someone else’s body. I believe the answer lies in technology. As technology increases, we’ll be able to manipulate the genetics more. Until then, we’ll have to rely on nature for help.

When you think about the fact that a lot of animals have had the ability to interbreed and modify their DNA a long time ago, you start to realize that there is no reason why a human-like genetic code cannot exist. It just took a while for the technology to catch up. Now we know animals can interbreed and do so without any harm. This means that it is entirely possible to take a segment of an animal’s genetic code and then change it to something completely different. The animals would still carry the modified DNA, but they would be different from each other.


If they find out how to take pieces of genetic code and put them together in the right way, the whole thing will be possible very quickly. Once they do this, all of us will have a piece of genetic code in our ancestry file. We all have two separate roots that were obtained through independent means. When those pieces of DNA are put together in the right way, we all have a common ancestry. As each generation passes, we will continue to have a common ancestry, and all of those differences between us will be erased.




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