Growing Plants Class 5 Worksheets PDF (Download)

Growing Plants Class 5 Worksheets

Growing Plants Class 5 Worksheets PDF. When it comes to growing plants, you have to think like a plant! Aside from soil, all vegetation needs water. The correct amount of water depends on the type of plant. In science, dirt is called soil. It consists of rotted, once-living things. You can confirm that dirt is real by looking at dried leaves. Soil is important for a plant’s survival. Keeping the right amount of water for a plant is a key factor in its success.

Conditions Essential For Seed Germination

Read full article with diagram- Conditions Essential For Seed Germination. 

Plants need light to grow properly. They need sunlight to produce energy. Without enough light, your plants will die and will produce fewer flowers and fruits. Temperature is also an important consideration when growing plants. Most plants prefer cooler nighttime temperatures and warmer daytime temps. Avoid too hot or too cold temperatures, as these can harm or even kill your plants. Space is another factor that should be considered when growing plants. The roots and foliage need room to grow. Don’t overcrowd your plants. They’ll become more susceptible to diseases and wilt.

Growing Plants Class 5 Worksheets PDF

Soil Conditions

You should also check your soil, and make sure it is free of harmful bacteria. You can check your soil with a pH-meter, which is very helpful when deciding how to grow a plant. A pH balance is also important. You need to check that your plants get adequate moisture and sunlight. If they do, they will flourish. The right soil is essential for growing plants. Soil contains high levels of nitrogen and can be a good source of fertilizer.

Growing Plants Class 5 Worksheets PDF

Medium for plants

In the long run, it is important to choose the right growing medium for your plants. Most plants need a certain amount of sunlight and need to be shaded. The soil is also an important factor for plant growth and development. A growing medium should also have sufficient nutrients for the roots to be strong. Once the soil is prepared, it will be ready to support the roots. A well-draining soil is essential for plant growth. In order to grow plants, you should choose the right medium.

Growing Plants Class 5 Worksheets PDF

The Growing Plants Class 5 Worksheets PDF will help students develop their knowledge about how plants grow. There are several MCQ (multiple choice questions) and answers to be found on these sheets. The topics covered in the worksheets include: rabi crop, how a seed disperses in the pea plant, and the method of seed dispersal in the corn plant. These worksheets are a great resource for any teacher to use to help students become familiar with the reproduction in flowering plants and the different parts of it.

For extra resources of the growing plants class 5 worksheets PDF, try using free flashcards and worksheets for class five. You can also try out paid workbooks from website for extra content. It is a great way to study for your upcoming tests. The Growing Plants Class 5 Worksheets PDF has free printable flashcards for all the topics in a growing plants class. It also includes interactive content for parents and teachers. All of these resources will help your child improve their skills.

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Q1. Choose one option

1.If X will be absent in the plant, new plant will not be produced. What can X be _____?

(a) Root



(d)None of the above

2.Which of the   following   shows same mode of vegetative reproduction.

(a)Ginger ,radish

(b)Coconut, beetroot

(c)Rose ,carrot

(d)Sweet potato, dahlia

 Q2. Fill in the blanks

(a)__________ is a reproductive part of the plant.

(b)__________is used for sowing seeds.

(c)________, ________ plants are called as non –flowering plants.

(d)_________________ are plants of the same kind that are grown in same area.

(e)____________ are unwanted plants


(a)The root is formed for radical ____________.

(b)The   ovary forms food _________.

Q4. Give   two examples for –

(a)Rabi crops ______, ____

(b)Kharif crops ___________, ________


(a)What are Rabi crops?

(b)What are weeds?

(c)What is germination?  

(d)What are kharif crops?

(e)Why do seeds need to be dispersed?


Answers of Q1

a) Flower

b) Sweet potato   , dahlia

Answers of Q2

1 ___flower____

2 ___seed drill____

3 __mushroom_____, ___ferns___









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