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What is ecosystem and its components

What is ecosystem and its components

Today I am sharing topic What is ecosystem and its components. Lastly, read about importance of ecosystem. Hope it helps.

Ecosystem definition:

Ecosystem is the interaction of living such as plants, animals, and bacteria and nonliving components such as air, water, soil, weather.

Ecosystem size can be from a small tide pool to a giant desert and the members of that system are so interdependent or interconnected that any change of one factor can effect the entire ecosystem.

A community is defined as all the populations of many species that are interacting together in one area.

Components of Ecosystem

Ecosystem is defined as interaction of biotic (living) and abiotic (non living) environment. Thus, Ecosystem has two components – Abiotic and biotic components.

Abiotic components are non-living parts of the environment that affect the ecosystems.

Biotic potential is defined as the maximum capacity of population to reproduce under optimal environmental conditions.

What is ecosystem and its components

Importance of Ecosystem:

Each part of ecosystem is important as ecosystems are interconnected and depend on each other for their survival. There are countless ecosystem importance, but I can give you some examples.

1) Forest ecosystems provides us oxygen. We need oxygen to breathe and to be alive. Humans used wood for building and pulp for paper. That is also provided by forest ecosystems. Thus, we depend on forest ecosystem. But because of human activities such as deforestation ecosystem is disturbed.

2) Our favourite crops and fruits need insects to pollinate.

Imagine if these insects got vanished from natural ecosystems then we would die soon as no pollination and crops will not grow.

Humans depend on ecosystems for food and natural resources. But if natural resources are vanished out of an ecosystem then it can disrupt the balance.

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