Insulin And Glucagon

Insulin and Glucagon are the hormones that helps to maintain normal range of blood sugar level.

The glucagon action is opposite to that of insulin. They both work in a balance to maintain blood sugar to normal.

When blood sugar is high, then pancreas secretes insulin and when blood sugar levels is low, then pancreas releases glucagon.

They both are pancreatic hormones. Glucagon is released by the alpha cells of pancreas and insulin is released by the beta cells of pancreas.

When we eat food, carbohydrates from food is converted into glucose. Glucose is a simple sugar that is important source of energy for cell.

The blood glucose concentration increases after eating food and the pancreas releases insulin to decrease the glucose level. Fat cells take in glucose from blood to maintain normal blood glucose levels

After 4 to 6 hours of eating food, blood glucose level drops and the pancreas releases glucagon to increase the glucose level. Liver releases glucose into blood to maintain normal blood glucose levels.

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