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DNA is the building block of a gene and each gene codes for a specific protein. A person has 20,000 to 25-000 genes that account for nearly 3 percent of our DNA. Scientists are not clear about the functionality of the remaining 97 percent that may take part in controlling the genes.

Genes are made of a chemical called DNA, which is short for ‘deoxyribonucleic acid’. The DNA molecule is a double helix: that is, two long, thin strands twisted around each other like a spiral staircase.

When it comes to understanding, various types of chromosome in a human being then you should know that each species of plant and animal has a specific number of chromosomes that may be any of the following four types:-

• Metacentric Chromosomes
• Submetacentric Chromosomes
• Acrocentric Chromosome
• Telocentric Chromosomes
We have 23 pair of chromosomes in every cell. 22 pair of chromosomes is same in both male and female while the 23rd pair or the sex chromosomes differ between different sexes. Whether you want to get the answers of tricky questions in biology or understand the inheritance principles in detail gaining comprehensive knowledge about DNA genes and chromosomes, you can rely on our experts for getting the same. So go ahead and satiate your curiosity or expand your knowledge base by asking questions to our experts.

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