Online Exam vs Offline Exam-Advantages & Disadvantages

Online Exam Vs Offline Exam

Unlike online exams, offline exams aren’t dependent on internet connectivity. Instead, candidates take the test on paper, which eliminates the need for the expense of infrastructure or logistics. Both types of exams have some advantages and disadvantages, so choosing a mode that works best for your child can help you select the one that best suits you. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right option for your child. Let’s discuss the Online Exam Vs Offline Exam.

Advantages of Online Exams

1. Cost of travelling

Online exams are a good option for students who live in remote areas. Unlike traditional classroom examinations, an online exam will not require candidates to wait in a queue or deal with power outages. Candidates will not have to worry about the cost of travelling to and from the examination venue. Taking an online test is convenient, and it saves a lot of time.

2. Time saver

Offline exams are more time-consuming. An offline exam involves several levels of professionals. For instance, teachers write the question paper and supervise the entire process. A high candidate-to-evaluator ratio makes it more difficult for administrators to track the progress of individual evaluators. Hence, offline exams are more difficult to scale. The biggest advantage of online exams is that the evaluators are more efficient.

Compared to a traditional classroom-based test, it’s also cheaper. You don’t have to hire a teacher to check your work. They do not have to pay to hire an instructor or a security guard to check their work. Because an online exam can be taken from anywhere, it can be a great option for remote students.

3. Save environment

An online exam can also save on paper. Since the exam is administered online, there is no need for students to purchase or print a test paper. Besides, students can work on a spreadsheet instead of a pen and paper. Online exams can also save on the environment. Because the exam materials are given online, no paper is used to print the paper. Less paper means less deforestation and reduced use of wood.

4. Convenience

An online exam system offers ease of use and scalability. The ability to administer multiple tests to a large number of students simultaneously is one of the main advantages of an online exam system. Furthermore, you can control the order of questions and answer choices, as well as modify the format of the test. This feature makes online exam systems more convenient and secure for all involved. This feature is important for any student. The most important advantage of an on-line examination is its convenience.

5. Accuracy

The best thing about online exams is that they are error-free, as the test is carried out by computer programs. This ensures that the results are accurate, since they are based on model answers. More about Online Exam Vs Offline Exam.

Online Exam Vs Offline Exam

Disadvantages of Online Exams

1. Technology issues

Absence of electricity or a proper internet connection is a major disadvantage. Technology acceptance issues are another potential con of an online exam. Students may not have the necessary technology to access the internet. If a student cannot access the internet, he or she may miss an important question. Additionally, a new system may not automatically grade the questions. All of these challenges can be overcome through technological upgrades and innovation. The only disadvantage of an online exam is that it might not be as secure as a traditional paper-based test.

2. Cheating

Another disadvantage is cheating. This is a major disadvantage of taking an online exam. The student may open a different browser, browse another tab, or search for information on the Internet. If there are no technological devices available, there is an increased chance of plagiarism. This problem can be solved by blocking the copy-paste feature in an online exam. The best interventions are a timer and situational questions. These problems are not fatal and can be easily remedied.

3. Costly

Another disadvantage of an online exam is the cost. An examination conducted online requires a device to be used. The device can be a mobile phone, a laptop, or a computer. These devices can be costly for students, so an online exam isn’t an option for everyone.

4. Not efficient

Another disadvantage of online exams is inflexibility of administering them. An examination hall is equipped with live CCTV streaming to keep a tab on the students. The official examination authority can also monitor the entire exam with a webcam installed on the computer system. The webcam takes pictures of the candidates at irregular intervals and records video for the duration of the test. Offline exams are much more efficient for students, teachers, and parents.

5. Difficult to scale

The biggest disadvantage of online exams is that they can be difficult to scale. It is important to make sure that students are comfortable with the system and don’t make any mistakes. It is crucial that they don’t copy what they have written. It’s not easy to copy the answers of a previous exam. There’s no way to tell whether they copied something from a different source. It’s best to write a paper that contains the correct information and then submit it. online exam vs offline exam.


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