What is protein

Protein is a macronutrient which is essential for proper functioning and growth of body. They are made of sequence of amino acids that gives specific shape to protein. Some proteins are made of few amino acids and others made of thousands of amino acids. Thus, each and every protein is determined by the amino acid […]

Types of chromosomes

Types of chromosomes¬† A chromosome is a structure found in the nucleoplasm of the cells of every living being, which represents the maximum compaction of chromatin. Chromosomes are made up of DNA and proteins and contain the greatest amount of genetic information of any individual. When cell divisions occur, called meiosis and mitosis, the chromosome […]

What is DNA synthesis?

What is DNA synthesis? DNA synthesis starts at a specific site in the molecule called the origin of replication. Both chains are duplicated at the same time: A thread is synthesized continuously and is known as the leader thread; the other, called the lagging strand, is synthesized discontinuously into short segments that then join and […]


DIABETES CAUSES DRY SKIN Diabetes causes dry skin. This means diabetic person can injured easily and likely to get an infection and takes time to heal. This is because as high blood glucose levels increases urination and body loses fluids that causes skin dryness. When there is excess blood sugar, the rate of urination increases, […]


Allele can explained by taking an example. We all have gene for eye colour but of different colours. Eye colour is defined as gene and variation in colours are defined as allele. Gene is sequence of DNA or RNA that determines a particular trait. An allele is present at fixed spot on a chromosome. Chromosomes […]


COMPLEMENTARY STRAND DNA has 4 nitrogen bases which are Adenine(A) , Guanine(G) , Thymine(T) , Cytosine(C). RNA also has 4 bases but in RNA Uracil (U) is present instead thymine. Adenine always pair with thymine by twi hydrogen bonds in DNA and to Uracil in RNA. Guanine pair with cytosine by three hydrogen bonds. In […]