Reproduction In Flowering Plants

Flowers are the reproductive organs of the plants. Flowers changes into fruits. Fruits have seeds and seeds grow into new plants. Therefore, plants reproduce from seeds present in the fruits but some plants such as ferns and mosses grow from spores as they do not have fruits and flowers.

Parts Of Flower And Its Functions:

1. Sepals: Sepals gives protection to the plants at the bud stage. It is like a leaf present at the flower base.

2. Petals: Petals are used in pollination as it attract insects. They are of sweet smell and brightly coloured for attracting insects.

3. Stamens: They are the male reproductive part of flower. It consists of anthers and filaments. When insects collect nectar from flowers then pollen sticks to their body and this is how insects help in pollination.

Pollination is defined as the the transfer of pollen grains from anther to stigma.

4. Carpel: It is female reproductive part of the flower and is also known as pistil. It consists of stigma, style and ovary. Ovules are present in the ovary. After pollination, pollen tube will grow from pollen grains and reaches the ovary through style.

Fertilization is defined as the fusion of pollen grains with ovules.

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