Select the statement(s) that apply to both DNA replication and RNA transcription.

  1. Separation of the DNA strands (“unzipping”)
  2. A requirement for a primer
  3. Directionality of synthesis
  4. Base-pairing of complementary nucleotides
  5. Energy to drive the process is provided by triphosphate nucleotides


Answer :

All statements are common to both DNA replication and transcription except : A requirement for a primer

  1. A) Unzipping required in replication where unwinding the strands of DNA to expose and read bases .

In transcription two strands of DNA is separated so that the bases are accessed.

  1. B) RNA pol don’t need a primer because it is already a RNA which will not be turned in DNA, as in Replication. It needs promoter.
  2. C) DNA polymerase synthesize from 5′ to 3′ direction

RNA polymerase form new RNA strand in the 5’ to 3’ direction

  1. D) DNA contains complementary base pairs in which adenine bonds to thymine (A−T) and guanine to cytosine (G−C).

During transcription uracil replaces the position of thymine and forms complementary pairs with adenine.

  1. E) Metabolic processes uses ATP as an energy source convert it back into its precursors.

So answer is A, C, D, E

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