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Why do we dream psychology

Why do we dream psychology

The question of why do we dream can be asked many times throughout a person’s life. However, there is only one answer that really makes all the other questions irrelevant, and that is, “Why do we dream?” While this is a common question, often answered with an expression such as “because dreams,” or “I guess it’s all just a dream.” However, while dreams are common, the reasons behind them can be very different for each and every person.

Although everyone dreams in some form, and while there is no easy explanation for why dreams take on their meaning in each particular instance, there is hope for the meaning of dreams and the impact they have on waking life. Although it is safe to say that all dreams are related to some form of human consciousness, none of us can claim with certainty that the unconscious mind holds the answers to what we are actually thinking at any given moment. Although there is no easy explanation for why dreams occur and their meaning change from person to person, there is hope for the impact of dreams on sleeping and dreaming. Although there is no easy explanation for why do we dream, there is hope for the impact of dreams on sleeping and dreaming.

why do we dream psychology

REM sleep

Because REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is so important for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of our bodies, we also dream about sleep. People who are chronic insomniacs (they have trouble getting to sleep) often have recurring dreams about sleep. Similarly, individuals who are highly anxious often dream about being in situations that they would rather not be in. Similarly, people with panic disorders also often have extremely vivid dreams which can almost seem real. These dreams may be triggered by extreme stress, such as when an individual is about to use a crucial piece of information for his job interview.

Why do we forget our dreams?

People who have experienced brain damage or amnesia may have trouble remembering their dreams. However, this type of disorder does not directly relate to the reason we dream. It is possible that the dreaming state is accessed through the REM behavior disorder. This disorder occurs when we are asleep but our REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is disrupted. We then begin to dream or have vivid dreams while our REM sleep is interrupted. This disrupted REM sleep leads to a person being in a state of high stress and worry, which is the prime cause of nightmares.

In addition to dreaming, it is also possible to access the subconscious or hidden portion of our brain which houses the stored memories of our lives. Many of the modern day disorders such as ADD/ADHD, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), and depression also have a lot of their origins in our subconscious. Because our modern lifestyle makes it almost impossible to do anything consciously, our subconscious gets completely “lost” in the shuffle with our waking thoughts. This is why we often experience strange behaviors and emotions in our dreams.

How to find out why do we dream?

Why do we dream, or why do we have dreams? Researchers don’t know for sure, but one prevailing theory is that our dreams serve as an exit or gateway from our waking life into the subconscious mind. When we dream, parts of our unconscious mind, which deal with the contents of our subconscious enter our conscious mind. From this point on, our conscious mind begins to analyze these dreams. Over time, this analysis becomes imprinted in our subconscious mind, resulting in our having recurring dreams about certain content.

It is possible to find out why do we dream with the help of a trained dream therapist, who will analyze the information contained within dreams for you. This type of analysis is done by using a series of tests which retrieve October through May of the year and use the information to create a personal chart for you. The information that will be retrieved will include the dreams you have had, as well as any information pertaining to your dreams that was important to you at the time. Your dream doctor will be able to give you a detailed account of each dream which you may have had during the dream time period.

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