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Women Empowerment Essay In English

Women Empowerment Essay

A Women Empowerment essay is written to enlighten women on certain issues that are relevant to them. This enables them to become conscious about their rights and privileges. It usually deals with emphasizing and highlighting the female gender’s position and rights in the society. The women empowerment essay usually focuses on various social and economic aspects and how these will affect women as future citizens of the country.

Women Empowerment Meaning

Women empowerment in India means empowering women through better education, better employment opportunities, supporting vocational training, promoting self-defence within the family, and giving them equal rights to enjoy freedom. It’s about equipping women at every level to make life-altering decisions which benefit the whole community and encourage their full development. The ultimate goal is to empower women at every stage of their lives.

Women empowerment in India

Women empowerment essay in India consists of empowering women through education, social work, providing vocational training, promoting women’s economic rights, setting up women-run organizations and giving equal opportunities to women in all aspects of life. It is about equipping women to contribute effectively to the economic growth of a country, thereby making life-changing decisions that benefit not only women but also society and her children in the future. Each day in India we witness more women getting rid of gender discrimination and becoming equal members of the Indian society. Although there are many efforts by government as well as private organizations to promote women empowerment in India, still women empowerment in India is a far cry from realization as many women in India still face many barriers to achieve what they dream of.

Women Empowerment Factors

There are various programs and projects that are focusing towards empowering women in india. Some of these include organizing livelihoods, ensuring better health and nutrition, eliminating child-care complications, promoting literacy and boosting overall economic growth. Each of these projects aims at improving the life experiences of the women living in various communities in India. All these endeavors aim at ensuring gender equity in empowerment.

women empowerment essay

1. Self-Worth

The most important element for empowerment is healthy self-worth. No empowerment program or exercise will be successful if the participants lack self-worth. Healthy self-worth is about feeling good about your capabilities and strengths. Women empowerment in india depends largely on women’s sense of self worth. The more she believes herself to be empowered and successful, the more she will believe that she can contribute meaningfully to her country’s development.

A healthy self-esteem can be achieved by undertaking challenging activities and mastering new skills. The more you work and study, the more knowledge and skills you acquire. The more competent you become in a particular domain, the more influence you will wield as a leader in that domain. Hence women empowerment essay in India means empowering women to participate effectively in the economic, social and political arenas. However, women must realise that to participate effectively they must first help themselves.

2. Healthy sexual and reproductive health

Another way to empower women in india is to create conditions that promote healthy sexual and reproductive health. Indian government is making efforts to implement universal access to sex and reproductive health. According to United Nations Statistics Division, India is one of the least empowered women. However, with the introduction of many policies for women empowerment, Indian women are now feeling empowered. This is an important step towards ending the gender imbalance in the country.

3. Training for jobs

Women empowerment essay in india is the participation of women in various activities and projects. There are various activities that have been set up to empower women. It involves training women to take up different kinds of jobs. These jobs offer better salaries and a better lifestyle. It will also help women gain self-esteem. For this empowerment program, all over the country, there are various programs that have been conducted.

Women Empowerment Challenges

The major challenge hindering the path of women empowerment in india is the lack of awareness among the masses about gender equality. However, this should not be an excuse for women empowerment inindia to fail altogether. The growing level of awareness about gender equality is due to the increasing contribution of the private sector and civil society in achieving gender equality. These organizations have played a crucial role in ensuring the amelioration of the conditions of women empowerment in india.

The need for women empowerment in india is evident from the fact that millions of women around the world are surviving with low salaries and no access to jobs. They are either trapped in relationships with abusive men or are trapped in poverty due to financial scarcity. For every woman who wants to escape this life of oppression and live an empowered life is required to attain education and employment. Indian women are well aware of the benefits of education and employment. However, the empowerment process requires time and a lot of sacrifices on the part of women. A lot of efforts and hardwork from Indian women must be complimented by their male partners.


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