Miday meal program

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How this scheme has helped in establishing equality equality in the society

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    Firstly, I want to explain you what is inequality, so that it will be more clear to you...

    Inequality is being practiced on the basis of caste, religion, disability, sex and economic status.

    Now come to your question....

    Mid-day meal scheme improves socialization among different castes. Children from all castes sit together and eat their meal. Children from lower castes seem to be quite happy sitting together and sharing the common food.

    Teachers confirmed that parents of higher castes rarely objected to their children sharing a meal with children of other castes. This has helped in reducing caste prejudices to some extent.

    Mid-day meal scheme also provide employment as it needs a lot of labour for cooking etc. Many studies reveal that in many cases dalit women are employed to cook the meal. This also establish equality in the society

    Mid-day meal scheme is very helpful as when vulnerable children get food from school then they concentrate more on their studies and can get more fruitful result as much they can. Parents also not have to pay so much on food, so they allow their children for school instead of child labour.

    • 31 Jul 2018 @ 08:41

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