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    In 2001, the Supreme Court passed an order for Mid-day Meal. It states that every child in every government schools has provided with Mid-day Meal which has minimum content of 300 calories and 8–12 grams of protein each day of school for 200 days.

    Aims of Mid-Day Meal Scheme :

    1) As we know, students avoid to come to school because of poverty and don't have a suitable meal. Mid-Day Meal Scheme increase the enrollment also.

    2) Mid-Day Meal Scheme help the school to maintain good attendance and therefore increase literacy.

    3) It improves socialization among different castes.

    4) Malnutrition is a big problem, so it provides healthy meal to avoid it and create awareness towards malnutrition

    6. Mid-day meal scheme also provide employment as it needs a lot of labour for cooking etc.

    Conclusion :

    Mid Day Meal Scheme is one of the country's national flagships feeding scheme initiated to improve the nutritional and educational status of the vulnerable children.

    The Mid-day Meal Scheme basically a scheme to improve the nutritional status of school-age children nationwide. It is a step to improve the nutritional and educational status of the children.

    Poor nutrition leads to susceptible to diseases like measles or dysentery that can kill malnourished children. Therefore, to overcome this, the Mid-day Meal Programme has been initiated to facilitate school participation among children.

    It is a big success as it leads to overall development of the country. We hope that the scheme keeps progressing the same way. It increase the literacy levels of the country, so development of the country....

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