Why sperm is not considered foreign in female

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Why sperm is not considered foreign in female

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    • 17 Apr 2019 @ 02:03
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    Why sperm is not considered foreign in female

    Sperms are not considered foreign in female. This is because sperms do not enter blood flow or muscle structure or even below skin. Antibodies against a foreign protein (surface proteins in sperm cells are non-self or foreign) can only be formed if there is contact with the blood.

    One interesting fact !!! Sperm is considered foreign in female( who receives) and male( who produces) if there is contact with the blood.

    Let's first consider men...

    In healthy men, blood-testis barrier formed by the sertoli cells in the testes keeps the sperm away from the blood flow.

    If there is any injury or infection in this barrier then it may lead to the formation of anti-sperm antibodies. Semen also contains immune-suppressive agents secreted by seminal vesicles.

    Now incase of female...

    In females also, the sperms do not come in contact with blood, they hit the target through vagina and remaining sperms drain out from the same passage which is vagina. Therefore, no immune reactions occured against the sperms.

    In healthy women, sperms are deposited in the vagina and they gain access to the cervix and uterus within minutes and rest of The sperm are killed by the acidic environment in the vagina.

    Incase of infertile women, one of the cause of infertility is that they develop antibodies to sperm. The possible explanation is may be due to injury or infection that breach the blood tissue barrier. Each women immune response is individualistic and may vary from person to person....

    • 13 Aug 2018 @ 06:18

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