What are the uses of peanut shell in biotechnology?

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What are the uses of peanut shell in biotechnology?

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    ANSWER : In order to clean the air of pollutants such as methanol and solvents used in various industries, biotechnology designed a biofilter that uses microorganisms living in the shell of the peanut. EXPLANATION : 1) Microorganisms grow naturally on peanut shell, which can be used to clean the air. Microorganisms degrade toxic pollutants into carbon dioxide and water, thereby achieving clean air. 2) This is generated in large amounts and is considered a worthless agricultural residue. 3) it is naturally hollow and has an area of ??contact with air, which favors the development of microorganisms 4) The organic material applied to biotechnology as biological filters similar to those used by cars, but instead of stopping dust it can degrade the contaminants. 5) The prototype is similar to a bell or kitchen extractor, but it not only absorbs and stores polluting vapors, it degrades and purifies the air....

    • 28 Sep 2017 @ 09:03

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