What are the steps of seed germination ?

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What are the steps of seed germination ?

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    Seed germination is the growth of embryo into seedling and plant. Most of the higher plants produce fruits which also bear the seeds. These seeds fall down from the plant and get spread to different places by wind, grazing animals etc. The steps of germination of seeds are based on the time period and physiological changes. STEPS OF SEED GERMINATION : There are three different stages of seed germination as described : 1. Imbibition phase. 2. Latent phase. 3. Exponential growth phase. 1) Imbibition phase: This is a phase where seeds imbibe ( absorb water into pores ) water from surroundings. When a seed falls onto soil, it receives sufficient water and moisture. Then the actual process of germination starts. The water permeates through the seed coat and the seed material inside is drenched. The internal seed content imbibes (absorbs) water and the seed swells. This puts pressure on seed coat to provide eruption for germination. All the parts of a germinating seed become soft and smooth in this phase. 2) Latent phase: The food material inside the seed in presence of water provide sufficient energy. This helps the embryo to sprout out of the seed as a seedling. There is an internal active metabolism for the seed. This is a bit long time-consuming process so it remain latent. The metabolic reaction is active and there is release of heat. This stage makes the seed ready to sprout out. 3) Exponential growth phase: All the biochemical reaction get activated and plant growth hormones then guide the process of germination. By regulation of auxin ( a growth hormone), the root tends to grow into the soil while the stem forms and grows towards light. This process continues till the germination of seed into small plant is complete. Till the level of formation of leaves, the growth of plant is sustained by reserve food material, water and oxygen from air. Once leaves form, food is synthesized from light using carbon-dioxide and water. Thus the seed germination process ends with formation of seedling which grows into big plant....

    • 28 Sep 2017 @ 09:15

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