Describe how photosynthesis and cellular respiration are related?

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    During photosynthesis, a plant converts solar energy into chemical energy with the help of sunlight by process of photosynthesis. This energy is used to form a sugar molecule called as glucose. To make the glucose molecule, the plant receives carbon and oxygen, from carbon dioxide that it takes from the air. Source for hydrogen is water as a water molecule is composed of 2 hydrogens and 1 oxygen atom.

    The plant uses sunlight to break the water molecule and takes electrons and hydrogen from it and releases oxygen into the air. The electrons are used into ETC that produces ATP and this is used to make the glucose molecule. Therefore, during photosynthesis, a plant takes to water, carbon dioxide, and light energy, and forms glucose and oxygen.

    The sugar glucose is used for Respiration and required for cellular respiration. As during cellular respiration, the chemical energy from glucose molecule is converted into that form that plant can use for their growth and reproduction.

    The first step of respiration called as glycolysis, where glucose molecule is broken down into 2 pyruvate molecules, and small energy is released ATP form. As it does not need any oxygen, thus called as anaerobic respiration.

    The second step of respiration, where the pyruvate molecules are rearranged and combined and carbon dioxide is formed, and electrons are passed into an ETC and as in photosynthesis, produces ATP for growth and reproduction of the plant.

    Final step needs oxygen and thus called as aerobic respiration. Here, plant consumes glucose and oxygen and generates carbon dioxide, water, and ATP.

    Now, how photosynthesis and respiration related to each other. As during photosynthesis, the plant needs carbon dioxide and water and both of which are released into the air during respiration. During respiration, the plant requires oxygen and glucose, which are both produced through photosynthesis.

    So we can say, the products of photosynthesis relate respiration, and the products of respiration relate photosynthesis.....

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