Jungkook saw his friend Nav walking towards him and so he waved his hand at him to say hi. Explain in detail the process of how he saw him and waved his hand. Use the following terms in your answer: receptor, lobe, action potential, neurons, and abduction

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    Waving hand is not just movement of arms and hand. It is also for our head and eyes to see the world as Jungkook saw his friend Nav walking towards him.

    Each side of the brain has four lobes. The frontal lobe controls cognitive functions and has voluntary movement as Jungkook waved his hand at him to say hi. The parietal lobe controls information about temperature, taste, touch, and movement. Occipital lobe controls vision as Jungkook saw his friend Nav walking towards him. The temporal lobe controls memories, with taste, sound, sight, and touch.

    Neurons are a special type of cell that transfers information around the body. Alpha motor neurons cause the muscle to contract and generate movement, which is to wave a hand.

    Neurons release neurotransmitter acetylcholine at a synapse called as neuromuscular junction. When acetylcholine binds acetylcholine receptors on the muscle fiber and then the action potential is propagated along muscle fiber. To wave hand, the brain sends signals through neurons and binds to a receptor to generate action potential so that hand muscles contract. As neurons send electrical impulses called as action potentials to different muscles in the hand that allow hands to wave.

    Abduction is a movement away from the midline as at the wrist moves the hand away from the midline of the body.

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