Functions of male reproductive organs ?

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    Male Reproductive System: Function of Organs

    Penis: Urethra (that carries urine or semen) passes through the penis. It allows semen and urine to exit the body.

    Bladder: It holds the urine before urination. Urine leaves the bladder via urethra. Ureter is a tube from the kidneys to the bladder.

    Seminal vesicle: produces a components of semen that acts as a medium for transportation of sperms.

    Testes: helps in the production of sperms.

    Vas deferens: It is a tube that connects the testes to the urethra. It allows the semen to exit the body.

    Sperm duct: sperm passes through the sperm duct.

    Scrotum: It maintains the proper temperature of the testes.

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