What Homologous structures do Elk and caribou have in common ?

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    Elk and caribou are the most closely related animals. The caribou (also called as reindeer) and the elk both lives in taiga and forest biomes of northern North America.

    1. In taxonomic classification, caribou and the elk are similar till the family but in the genus and species they are different.

    2. Both have similarities in their teeth structures. Their structures indicates that they are herbivores. Herbivore animals eat grass and other plants.

    They lack canines, thus cannot eat meat. They have flat and wide teeth that are adapted to chew plants.

    These structures are common on both sides and thus are called as homologous structures.

    3. They both have antlers, and in both organisms some females do not have antlers.

    4. They both have four-chambered stomachs. They also have hooved toes. These characteristics also indicates that they both are herbivores.

    Theses are called as homologous structures because they have same structures but have different genus and species of similar origin.

    • 02 Jun 2021 @ 08:03

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