At what temperature do viruses die ?

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    ANSWER : Viruses can not die because they are not alive in the first place. Although they contain genetic instructions in the form of DNA (or the related molecule, RNA), viruses can not thrive independently. Instead, they must invade a host organism and take its genetic instructions... EXPLANATION : Extreme high or low temperatures do not kill viruses technically speaking. For example, the influenza virus and many others are deactivated at temperatures ranging from 165 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the boiling point for water. As viruses lack many of the basic structures and functions necessary to be considered a living organism, they technically cannot die. Since most viruses are deactivated at temperatures between 165 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit, it is recommended to heat up meat to at least 165 degrees before serving. These temperatures kill bacteria, as well. Viruses can withstand freezing temperatures, however. There are known HIV infection cases in which contaminated frozen human material has been implanted into a recipient and infected the patient...

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Deactivated virus won't become active again when ingested as its genetic material is deactivated or destroyed.

When virus enters the body, it must be in active or in latent or hidden stage.

Hidden or latent virus is a virus that inserts its genetic material inside the cell but hides itself in unfavourable conditions and when conditions are favorable it becomes active and controls host cell functions that helps to make copies of virus genetic material.

Active viruse means virus that infects host cell immediately when it injects the genetic material into the cell.

Conclusion: Viruses contain genetic material inside fat-based covering known as a viral envelope and if coating of fat or genetic material will be destroyed then virus can no longer infect the host organism.

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If the virus deactivates at 165-212 degrees, won't it become active again when ingested and thus the temperature decreases?

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