Are viruses living or non living?

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    Virus can be both a living and a non living thing. Therefore, it is intermediate between living and non living organisms…

    Reasons why virus is living:

    1. Contain genetic material: Virus possess genome DNA or RNA but cannot grow independently.
    2. Virus can reproduce: Virus need host organism for its survival as they do not have cellular machinery that is required for its multiplication, thus they need a living cell.
    Therefore, they can only reproduce in living host cells and is non living outside the body or non living host.

    Reasons why virus is non-living:

    1. Inactivity of virus outside the host cell: Virus becomes inactive or become crystal outside the host cell which is the property of non living.
    2. Non-cellular organisation: Viruses do not have cellular structure which means absence of many cells components such as organelles, plasma membrane and ribosomes.

    • 30 Jun 2021 @ 06:00

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