Diatoms are also called as ‘pearls of ocean’, Why? What is diatomaceous earth?

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    Diatoms are known as protists that are categorized in the Chrysophytes group. They are main producers in the ocean as they are photosynthetic in nature.

    They are unique organisms as they have distinctive cell walls. Their cell wall is made up of cellulose and silica. This silica make its cell wall indestructible. The siliceous shell is called as frustule.

    When the life cycle of diatoms completed then the decomposed cell wall deposited on the surface of the sea bed. This is known as diatomaceous earth. Thus, this diatomaceous earth is actually the particles of silicon and cellulose.

    These particles are then collected and used for sculpturing and ornamentation. Therefore, Diatoms are also known as ‘Pearls of Ocean’.

    • 12 Jul 2021 @ 04:13

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