Ideas to celebrate Friendship Day 2021

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    1. Story Telling Session:

    This is really an amazing idea. You can create a small story of your friendship such as when and how it begins, memorable moments of your friendship. Make it attractive by pasting pictures. Write story in a scarp book or in the form of greeting card. Click pictures and send it to your friends.

    2. Compare Your Friendship With Famous Friends:

    Now, the question arises who are famous friends? You can take an example from Disney Friendship character such as Tiana and Charlotte (The Princess and the Frog), Novel lovers can take example from famous book Matilda (Matilda and Miss Honey), Indian traditional stories such as Lord Krishna and Sudama.

    3. Play online games together:

    You can play chess, carrom, play cards together through online platform.

    4. Play games such as Finding Common things:

    Make a small groups and find common things between the friends such as one group is late night movie lovers, one group is eating pizza lovers, one group is poem lovers etc. This increases the communication and bond between the friendship.

    5. Pass the compliment: You can make a whats group and pass the compliments to your friends. One friend gave compliment to other and in the same way compliment passes.

    6. Zoom call:

    All friends can be together on zoom and play the games such as pass the compliment, story telling, common things. You can enjoy by cutting cake, dance party etc.

    • 30 Jul 2021 @ 09:25

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