How stem cells can be used in biotechnology?

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    • 30 Sep 2017 @ 09:47
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    Stem cell in biotechnology develops tools and therapeutics through modification and engineering of stem cells. USE OF STEM CELLS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY : 1) By controlling cell differentiation create any tissue or organ in the body from a single stem cell. This research involves many biotechnology applications, such as the study of stem cell genetics, biological factors (normally occurring proteins that the body needs to function normally), receptors on the stem cells and stem cell physiology. Researchers are encouraging adult stem cells, such as those from the skin, to become other types of tissue, such as nerve or muscle. Of all the adult stem cells identified so far, hematopoeitic stem cells (a stem cell from which all red and white blood cells develop) have been the most studied. 2) Scientists are using genetic modification to expand the potential therapeutic applications of stem cells. Stem cells can be modified to produce enzymes or factors, such as insulin, before being transplanted into the body. Stem cells can also be modified to resist certain infections. For example, studies are underway to create stem cells resistant to HIV. Once implanted, these stem cells would repopulate the diseased immune system of AIDS patients with cells resistant to the disease. 3) Stem cells may also be useful in tissue-engineering applications, such as the production of complete organs, including heart, liver, kidneys, eyes or even parts of the brain. 4) Stem cells represent a potentially unlimited source of experimental tissue, which would permit research into other areas. For example, researchers could test stem cells derived from culture in the laboratory for the effects of known environmental hazards and genetic mutations on the relevant human tissue. This would provide more applicable information than that obtained in animal models.....

    • 30 Sep 2017 @ 08:43

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