Shape of half round scrapper is

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    ANSWER : Shape of half round scraper is a simple half ellipse. It is used for round and curved surfaces, cylindrical work, such as fitting bearings. The bearing or half-round scraper is a slender tool made of hardened steel especially shaped and curved. It is used for scraping a bearing surface so that a shaft will fit into it properly. EXPLANATION : OVERVIEW : Scrapers are tools like a file or knife which have very hard cutting edges. Scraping means removal of a very thin layer of metal similar to shaving. There are many types of scrapers commonly used usually made in variety of lengths from 100 mm and above and in many shapes depending on the work to be executed. SHAPES OF SCRAPERS ARE : The shape of scrapers usually used are given below: 1) For Flat scraper : used for scraping flat surfaces 2) For triangular scraper : used for curved surfaces and corners. 3) Half round scraper : used for round and curved surfaces...

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