Given nameof two algae used food supple even by space travellers

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    ANSWER : The two algae used food supply even by space travellers are : 1) Chlorella : Can be helpful in degrading astronaut’s urea. 2) Spirulina : Can be used as astronaut food as it is highly nutritive, full of protein and vitamins. These are protein-rich unicellular algae which are used as food supplements even by space travellers... EXPLANATION : Algae is available in salt and in fresh water all over the planet even at unexpected places. They are able to grow in a wide range : -very high salinity -very high UV -dryness -extreme temperature -extreme pH etc. Algal metabolism can occur even ay extreme environments and it also supply food and oxygen Therefore , algae are used for life support candidate in space or on celestial bodies. How it is helpful in providing oxygen: When astronaut in space breath and produce C02, then algae exchanges CO2 to O2 as they perform photosynthesis. So this is how algae control life support system in space....

    • 06 Oct 2017 @ 09:05

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