How does the water circulate? Name and describe the process/es causing the circulation in a pot of boiling water vs. in the ocean.

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    HOW DOES WATER CIRCULATE ? A) Currents move the ocean water and circulate the water... Ocean flow is the huge scale movement of waters in the ocean basins. Winds energy surface circulate, and the cooling and sinking of waters within the polar regions power deep circulate. Surface movement includes the nice and cozy higher waters poleward from the tropics. Heat is dispensed along the way from the waters to the surroundings. At the poles, the water is in addition cooled at some stage in winter, and sinks to the deep ocean. This is especially actual within the North Atlantic and alongside Antarctica. Deep ocean water regularly returns to the floor nearly anywhere inside the ocean. Once on the floor it's far carried lower back to the tropics, and the cycle starts once more. The more efficient the cycle, the greater warmness is transferred, and the warmer the weather. Due to the rotation of the earth, currents are deflected to the right within the northern hemisphere and to the left within the southern hemisphere. This effect is called the "Coriolis force." The deflection ends in highs and lows of sea degree at once proportional to the speed of the surface currents..... PROCESS CAUSING THE CIRCULATION IN A POT OF BOILING WATER VS. IN THE OCEAN B) The water at the bottom of the pot heats up first. This causes it to make bigger. Since the warmed water has a decrease density than the water around it, it rises up through the cooler, dense water. At the pinnacle of the pot, the water cools, growing its density, which causes it to sink back down to the lowest. This up and down motion eventually heats all of the water. The chronic biking of the fluid is referred to as a convection current. Convection currents in pceans, commonly use "convection" to refer to up and down motions of air. Heat with the aid of the lowest layer of the environment from radiation or conduction is most customarily transferred by convection. Convective motions within the environment are answerable for the redistribution of warmth from the warm equatorial regions to higher latitudes and from the surface upward.

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