Which of the following is not a type of surface environment through which segments travel?

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Select one: a. Sediments travel through all of the above. b. deltas c. eolian environments d. fluvial environments e. glaciated regions

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    ANSWER is A Sediments travel through all listed choices as described above. When to travel sediment over unconsolidated surfaces then we have to dislodge and loosen soil material and making it susceptible to carry or wash into the drainage network to become sediment. The amount of soil dislodge depends on the mode of travel, type of surface, and level of use. When weight, size, and torque of the travel-mode increases then potential to loose soils increases. If concentration of use increases then potential to displace soil increases. 1) Eolian enviornments Aeolian or eolian is used for sediment transport by wind which results in the formation of ripples and sand dunes. 2) Fluvial environment Fluvial environment relate flowing water in natural systems which encompasses rivers, streams, periglacial flows, flash floods and glacial lake outburst flood. 3) Deltas When the mouths of rivers, coastal sediment and fluvial sediment transport processes mesh to river deltas. 4) Glaciers When glaciers move over their beds then they entrain and move material of all sizes. Glaciers carry the largest sediment and also areas of glacial deposition often contain a large number of glacial erratics...

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