What is the Mitochondrial Eve?

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    OVERVIEW: Every cell of our body has nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA. - The nuclear DNA is inherited from both parents and is present in the nucleus of the cell . - The mitochondrial DNA is inherited from only mother and is found in the mitochondria. When the spermatozoon fertilizes the ovum then only the nucleus of the cell is present but the ovum has its organelles, such as mitochondria. So every mitochondria in our body is inherited from only female. If a female does not have any daughter then her mitochondrial DNA is not transmitted and her line is broken. WHAT IS MITOCHONDRIAL EVE ? The name Mitochondrial Eve refers to the matrilineal most recent common ancestor, in an unbroken maternal line, of all currently living humans, who is estimated to have lived approximately 100,000–200,000 years ago. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) passed from mother to offspring without recombination. Most mtDNA in every living person differs only by the mutations that have occurred over generations in the germ cell mtDNA. This does not mean : COMMON MISCONCEPTION : - 1) Not the only woman : This does not mean this woman (Mitochondrial Eve) was ‘the mother’ of all living humans today, or that she was 'the first woman'. It means that, in an unbroken line, she is the most recent woman from whom all living humans today descend. 2) Not a fixed individual over time : Mitochondrial Eve definition is fixed, but the female in prehistory who fits this definition can change. That is, not only can our knowledge of when and where Mitochondrial Eve lived change due to new discoveries, but the actual mitochondrial Eve can change. The mitochondrial Eve can change, when a mother-daughter line comes to an end by chance.

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