How can you tell amylase is an exoenzyme?

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    Amylase is an exoenzyme because there was a clearing around the bacteria indicating the starch was hydrolyzed. Starch is hydrolyzed outside a bacterial cell which is a function of exoenzyme, enzyme that is secreted by a cell and functions outside the cell. Amylase is type of enzyme, which leads to hydrolysis of starch towards sugar. It is also found in the saliva of humans as well as some of the other animals and plays an essential role in digestion. In humans, amylase is present in the saliva as wells as the small intestine (secreted from pancreas). As the enzyme works to break down ingested carbohydrates from food as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract, an extracellular space, it is an exoenzyme....

    • 05 Nov 2017 @ 08:42

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